KUR Recovery SPA

KUR offers a blend of modern and time-tested recovery tools all designed to work together to help you recover FASTER.

KUR is REDEFINING RECOVERY for Athletes, Students, Teachers, Nurses, the Military, and more.

When you make the choice to come to KUR SPA you can expect an environment focused on our clients and their needs. You will often find others asleep in Normatec. The one thing you won't find is unhappy people. Come in and experience the difference and see what KUR has to offer you.

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Benefits of Cryotherapy

Speed Up Recovery
Improve Performance
Reduce Inflammation


$35 First-Time Price

We have first-time prices on all of our services. For $35 you can experience Cryotherapy for yourself. We are asked all the time to describe what it feels like, but nothing is as close as experiencing it firsthand.