Kur Cryo

Kur Recovery Spa Services: Cocoon Wellness Pro

"Built for your body. Designed for results"

How it works

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is the perfect addition to any beauty, wellness or fitness facility, combining thermal energy with an invigorating massage and aromatherapy for thorough rejuvenation and relaxation. The ergonomically designed pod assists with improving both physical and mental performance, quality of sleep, and aids in flushing excess water and toxins from the body. Come relax, destress, and even burn a few calories at the same time. The Cocoon offers a comprehensive whole body experience with thermal dynamic dry heat therapy, the healing power of infrared light, dual wave full body massage, aromatherapy, detoxification and calorie burning effects to slim down. ALL to create a relaxing, healing environment that provides stress relief, relaxation, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

The three levels of near, mid and far-infrared lighting work to deliver a dry heat treatment that can be set from ambient to 190-degrees Fahrenheit. The infrared lighting treatment is like stepping into a dry sauna. Exposure to dry heat accelerates heart rate, speeding the circulation of blood, typically doubling the flow of blood through the body. Exposure to dry heat speeds metabolism efficiently, allowing your body is to use calories consumed for energy instead of storing them as fat. 

Especially during fall and winter, joints become stiff and crack and pop and muscles tighten and ache. Through exposure to infrared heat, joints become more supple, muscles are relieved, and body flexibility increases. The sweat induced by dry heat exposure opens pores to release toxins and accept treatments. And, lastly, dry heat induces an undeniable relaxation with an enveloping, hugging heat: a perfect setting for meditation and release of the day’s worries.